Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

A poem for today

Here I will write in my bloggy
The Midwest today is so soggy
I believe even a froggy
    Would agree we've had far too much rain
Tiger cages not fit for a hoggy
I had to wipe mud off my doggy
I find I'm becoming quite groggy
    You see, it's affecting my brain
I'd like to go out for a joggy
But my driveway's so thoroughly boggy
I would submerge and soon cloggy
    My lungs with this slop I disdain
When I drive my windows get foggy
But walking is horribly sloggy
So I'll sit like a bump on a loggy
    Desperately reaching to end this quatrain

... I think I'd better give up now.
Tags: silly
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