Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Creeping Crud vs. Carle

I've been having increased trouble with my nasal passages and sinuses and feelings of congestion and crud in my lungs. Even though I haven't felt generally sick, it's wearing me down and I finally decided to see the doctor yesterday. Well, my doctor is going on vacation, but I could see a nurse practitioner this morning; I agreed.

The nurse practitioner gave me the expected exam and insisted he didn't see any sign of bacterial infection; he blamed my symptoms on the low humidity and told me to increase the dosage of my regular meds for a few days.

If I really don't have an infection, then I don't want antibiotics, but I still feel like there's an infection centered in my pharynx where he couldn't see it. He also said that my lungs sounded clear when they don't feel clear. Hopefully he knows what he's doing; I guess I have to wait and see if I get really sick just in time for Cap or if the extra dosage cuts down on the post nasal drip and actually leaves me feeling better.
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