Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Dancing fool

At GaFilk a few weeks ago, I actually got on the dance floor three times, and it got me thinking that (a) I would like to actually know how to dance, rather than just relying on the fact that in the sort of social dancing situations I encounter, nobody really expects me to know how to dance anyway, and (b) that if I could learn how to dance for real, and find an opportunity to do it regularly, it would be both a good form of exercise and something to do socially.

Does anyone have any advice on a good place in C-U to go to learn to dance?  It needs to be casual about dress and not hideously expensive.

And now for the real long shot, are there any women reading this who might be interested in being my dance partner?  I'm a whole lot more likely to actually do this, rather than just saying it's a good idea, if I have someone I know to do it with.
Tags: c-u, life, questions
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