February 29th, 2004

Good kind of tired

A typical Sunday for me. I got up at oh-dark-30 (well, all right, now that we're well past the solstice it's not dark at 7 AM, but it's way earlier than I get up for anything unimportant like work. Did I mention that I'm not a morning person?), bundled my gear into the car, and drove the by now familiar 90 miles to Exotic Feline Rescue Center.Collapse )

I love my camera, but...

I hate sorting/labeling/etc the images. I just spent 45 minutes doing the bare-minimum first-pass "if I don't do this right away I'll forget which tiger is in which picture, and I hate when that happens" labeling of the pictures. It'll take me a minimum of a couple more hours to make more detailed notes and sort out which images I want to print (for now).

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