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Phil's Rambling Rants

June 9th, 2004

June 9th, 2004
02:30 pm


Reading this entry about post-con depression in almeda's journal has set off a chaotic tangle of thoughts that I feel a need to write something about. Whether anything coherent will come out of it remains to be seen.

Update: After I finished writing, I don't seem to have gotten too far. This probably isn't of much interest, but I haven't said anything I don't think I can make public. So:

Feel free to read some personal maunderings if you like.Collapse )

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06:05 pm


Camera milestone
I've reached another milestone in my budding photographer-hood: I've outgrown my memory cards. The weekend before last at Marcon, I filled my 1GB card, but took few enough further pictures that the rest fit on the 128MB card from my point-and-shoot camera. But last weekend at DucKon, I took enough pictures of the Tesla coil that I completely filled both the 1GB card and the 128MB card, leaving me with no room for more pictures after Saturday around 10 PM.

Given unlimited money, I would just buy a notebook with a CD-R drive. This would give me multiple gigabytes of portable hard drive, the security of a second copy of the data before I erase the memory card, and a way to display images to people without having to make prints. But money is limited.

I will probably buy a second 1GB card, for the same reason that I have a second battery for the camera -- I want to be able to a quick swap and keep going. But after the second 1GB card, I think the right direction is some sort of battery powered device with a hard drive in it. The problem is that the inexpensive ones that I'm aware of allow you to copy image files off of a CF card, but don't provide any ability to view the pictures to verify that the copy worked. Units that can display pictures as well as store them seem to approach the cost of a notebook.

If anyone reading my journal has sage advice, please offer it.

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