June 26th, 2004

Scheduling bummers

Yesterday I got two emails about events I won't be able to attend.

Richard Letterman's 50th birthday party is this Sunday. I might have been able to make it to that if I'd had advance warning, but I'm already committed to be at EFRC on Sunday. So happy birthday, Richard!

Four Shillings Short are touring the US, and they're going to be in Champaign while I'm in Las Vegas. *waah*. I'll have to have my mom pick up a copy of their new album From Ragas To Riches. I love their music and they're cool people that I've gotten to know a little bit at their shows.

Why is it that as soon as there are two things you want to do in your life, they always end up happening at the same time?

Dancing flowers

I took the camera with me on my walk this morning and took some pictures.

If I could do it from home, I'd post one or two in this entry, but I can't update my web space from outside the firewall at work, and my personal page is nowhere near important enough to ask for a change in the company's security policies.

Anyway, I'm used to having trouble with tigers, birds, and bugs not holding still when I'm trying to take a picture. But I feel a little put upon when flowers won't hold still. In other words, it's fairly breezy today. Lovely for walking around, and it makes the pretty flowers dance.