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Phil's Rambling Rants

July 18th, 2004

July 18th, 2004
08:27 pm


There's one of these silly quiz memes going around that purports to tell you what Heinlein novel you belong in based on some multiple-choice questions.

Far more interesting would be to ask:

What novel (or series, movie, TV show, etc.) would you actually want to be in? You don't get to be one of the main characters. You can choose to be a (new) minor supporting character, or just to live in the world described.

It would be more true to the original meme to ask which Heinlein novel you'd want to live in, but frankly, it's been so long since I've read most Heinlein that I wouldn't feel ready to answer it. So I expand the question to one that at least intrigues me.

My answerCollapse )

Feel free to answer for yourself in your own journal. Deconstruct the idea or my answer here.

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10:07 pm


EFRC update: Nothing much to report
I went to EFRC today, pretty much as usual. In keeping with my personal tradition of not being able to go anywhere without forgetting something, I forgot my water bottle, so I stopped at a convenience store along the way and got a liter of bottled water. It was not terribly hot today, so I decided to try to get through the day using my regular black gauntlets rather than disposables, and I made it without suffering too much -- probably because it was a very light day for me. I walked around a lot but I didn't push very many heavy wheelbarrows or scrub any water tanks.

They hadn't gotten unusually far into the feeding before I got there, but there were plenty of people, things went smoothly, and we were done with the chores by 2:00. (Last week, by contrast, we didn't finish until 4:30.)

OK, so nothing much got to be a little long again.Collapse )

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