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Phil's Rambling Rants

July 21st, 2004

July 21st, 2004
01:20 pm


About two weeks ago, my mom told me that she had a problem. She had volunteered to help with this stream monitoring study, which requires going to a particular site and taking some observations. She described it as being a two-person job, and her partner was sick. Because it was the end of the time interval when the observations were supposed to be done, she needed a substitute. I was somewhat intrigued, so I agreed to help.

I brought my camera along to take some pictures. The experience reinforced my understanding of how hard it is to participate in something and also get a record of it; I was too busy doing stuff to record as much of it as I would have wanted to. But anyway, I'm finally getting around to posting something about what I did on July 10.

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