October 4th, 2004

Handyman Phil

This morning, as I was annoyed as usual by the door between the dog lock1 not closing properly, I was struck by the inspiration to do something with it.  I opened the door and looked at the hinges; it appeared that the upper hinge was loose.  So I fetched a #1 Phillips screwdriver, and sure enough, the screws were loose; I tightened the hinge down.  Now the door closed smoothly, but it didn't latch.2 Now determined not to be defeated by this pesky inanimate object, I examined the closing hardare and found that the strike plates for both the latch and the deadbolt were clearly too high.3 I proceeded to fetch the cordless drill/driver, drill bits in case I couldn't just screw the mounting screws in, a wood chisel and a hammer.  Just a few minutes' work, and now the door closes smoothly without bumping into the frame, latches easily without being guided with a hand on the doorknob, and the deadbolt can be locked with just one hand on the key -- no more 50-lb pull on the doorknob with the other hand and hope the key doesn't snap because it's still tight.

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