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Phil's Rambling Rants

October 10th, 2004

October 10th, 2004
10:49 pm


Camera milestone
I'm not going to post any pictures tonight; it's already almost my bedtime and it will take a bunch of time to do anything with the pix.  But I did reach a milestone today:  I have passed the 10,000 mark of images taken with my Digital Rebel.  I was planning on posting Image # 10000 for the heck of it, but by idiosyncracy of the numbering system the camera applies to the image, I didn't get an image # 10000; we went from 9999 to 10001.

Ten thousand pictures in just under ten months.  Assuming $.50/picture for film and developing, $5000 saved by going digital, which makes the roughly $600 extra for the digital camera compared to a similar quality film camera plus $300 or so worth of CF memory look pretty cheap.  I could count the $200 photoprinter as part of the cost of digital, but if I had gone with analog, I would have to have a scanner and I'd probably still want the printer.

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11:22 pm


Peachy Curried Pork
I am now going to write an entry about what I had for dinner.

I bought a package of boneless pork loin chops Friday evening, almost two pounds worth.  Since my way of cooking requires meat (I am not vegetarian) but only uses a small amount of meat combined with lots of other stuff (it's healthier and cheaper that way, but mainly it's the way I like it, and I'm the one who has to eat it), I expected when I bought it that this would be three cookings worth of meat.  I'd used about a third of it Friday night, and didn't use any of it for lunch on Saturday when I skipped actually cooking lunch because I was running late and just ate some leftovers.  So dinner tonight needed to be pork.  I don't often buy pork, so I don't have any standard pork dishes in my repertoire, so I expected to be improvising.  I had sort of planned on picking up some apples from the apple trees in my yard -- I don't do anything like spraying them, so they're too wormy to eat as whole fruit, but sometimes they work OK for cooking -- but when I actually looked at the apple situation, I realized that the apples that I still had weren't usable unless I was a good bit more desperate.

So I was trying to decide what to make with this pork that wasn't just going to be one of my normal dishes with pork substituted for beef or chicken, and as I took the walk I like to take after I come back from EFRC (it seems to  help keep me from stiffening up), inspiration struck me:  black beans, a can of peaches, and Indian curry seasoning, except that I would add a bit of cinnamon.  The final touch came from the idea that the curry would be a little mild if I didn't add something explicitly hot to the usual curry spices, so I decided I would see how much fire I got out of using just one chipotle.

It ended up tasting pretty good, so I'm going to record the approximate recipe for my own future reference and the faint possibility that someone else might find it interesting.

Bachelor Cooking Recipe hereCollapse )

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