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Phil's Rambling Rants

November 16th, 2004

November 16th, 2004
04:19 pm


Windycon report, part 2
So, let's see, what did I do for the rest of Windycon?

A bunch of stuff, which I don't remember very well...Collapse )

On the whole a successful convention. I had a good time, with plenty to do most of the time; I really only regret not having made better arrangements in advance for dinner on Saturday. From where I stood, the con appeared to survive the transition to a new hotel pretty well; if the hotel maintains the accommodating attitude that they were demonstrating last weekend in the future, this could work out very well. Parking does seem to be iffy; I was concerned that even though we had in and out parking privileges, once I'd gotten a parking place giving it up before the end of the convention seemed like a Bad Idea.

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10:41 pm


Dragon philosophy
a long explanation of where the conclusion comes fromCollapse )

To a dragon, life is wonderful, but death is also wonderful, a part of life to be anticipated eagerly, not feared.  Death is not an evil in the world, it is part of the good of existence.  The evil in death is only in a death that comes at the wrong time, and it is equally wrong to live too long or to die too soon.  There is no greater crime than to end another's life too soon or force it to go on too long, and there is no greater gift than to help another to die as he wishes at the proper time.  When one that we love dies, we can't help but miss them, but we should not be sad for them, and we should only be angry if their death was not timely.  And while we live, we should live fully, not afraid to take risks, for it is no better to miss the right time to live than to miss the right time to die.

I think it's a good philosophy of life and death for humans too.

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11:44 pm


By the way, who's going to Chambanacon?


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