May 5th, 2005


Tuesday, I decided to cram in taking my car to the shop for the oil change it's due for, because it would be another 500+ miles before I could get to it next.  And they told me that I really need to replace my serpentine belt Real Soon Now.  I don't have time for this, but I guess I really don't have time to have it break while I''m driving to the con on Friday, so I made the appointment for Thursday.

I realized that I couldn't afford to spend 2+ hours of Thursday just sitting around waiting for my car to be fixed, so I fired off an email to birder2 asking if I could borrow her car while mine was being fixed so I could get over to Wal-Mart with the rest of the pix from the trip that I really want to take to the con, just before I went to bed.

Wednesday morning, I got up at oh-dark-30 and discovered that my ISP was non-functional.  My modem talked to their modem OK, but there was nothing on the other end of their modem.  I headed off to EFRC.

Back form EFRC at 5:30ish, with a few minutes to shower, change clothes, and eat dinner before D&D, and my ISP is still toast.  So I call birder2 on the phone -- how last millenium -- and get plans for tomorrow straightened out.  Only a little bit late getting to D&D.  After D&D, I stop at Meijer for some stuff I need, and get home.  Finally, my net connection works again, but now I'm a whole day behind when I don't have time for LJ or email anyway.

At least I've finally managed to get the rest of the pictures burned to CD now.  If I can manage to function on short sleep again tonight, I can get the car in at 10 and have some hope of being at least sort of on track for the con.

Good night.

Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?

The car is fixed and the snapshots printed.  Lunch was had at Milo's.  I had a chicken salad served in a scooped out half pineapple.  How cool is that?  Very, when it's a good pineapple, and this was.

I have printed and framed the pictures I intend to put in the art show.  Two of these are new images, pictures from Ecuador that I just massaged today.  The rest are the same pictures I had at Cap.  I would like to have more new stuff, but it takes too much time, and it takes more focus than I can bring to bear.  The forms for the art are not filled out, and I haven't done any packing.  Nonetheless, I am going to head to bed now, because I slept poorly last night (after a really long day and short sleep the night before), and I've been keeping myself going by willpower alone all day.

I will have 400 snapshots from the Ecuador trip with me for anyone who wants to see them.  Comments and suggestions from people this weekend will influence what gets turned into art for DucKon.