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Phil's Rambling Rants

April 14th, 2006

April 14th, 2006
08:58 pm


Adventures in commerce
On Wednesday, the people I talked to at Office Depot suggested that I try an outfit called Computer Physician to see if they could fix my printer.  I looked in the Yellow Pages, and stumbled upon a listing for Lazer’s Edge.  They’d been suggested to me earlier and I’d tried to call them and gotten a number out of service message, but this was a different location.  So I tried calling Computer Physician, got no answer, tried Lazer’s Edge, and got a helpful person who said that they did work on inkjet printers, and they’d charge me $15 to look at it, which would apply to fixing it if they could.  So I took the printer out to their store on north Mattis.  mumbling about printersCollapse )

Since I was going into town to shop, it occurred to me to see if World Harvest Foods has fenugreek.  I gave them a call, and they said they did, so I stopped by the store.  It is a really cool place to walk around in, a whole shop full of exotic food things, only a small fraction of which could be found in a regular supermarket even in this day when regular supermarkets have growing international foods sections.  It’s fascinating to look at the various foods and wonder what one does with that.  I actually bought one thing on the “I bet I can manage to make something good with this” -- a jar of mole sauce.  Despite spending probably half an hour looking around the store, which was kind of fun, I couldn’t find the fenugreek, so I finally asked an employee, who referred me to a man who was probably the manager, who explained that fenugreek is also called “methi” and found a 7 oz. bag of that for a mere $1.99.  As I was checking out, I saw a sign that listed vegetable samosas for $.99, so I got one of those.  It was quite yummy.  A samosa is some breading wrapped around a curry filling and fried.  I think this was mostly potato, it clearly had a few peas, and I’m not sure what else.  But the important thing was the generous and well-chosen spices.

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