June 14th, 2006


DucKon report, part 2

Finally, some pix from DucKon.

Because I just don't have time, I'm saving half an hour by letting the LJ web page format these instead of doing it myself, and including minimal captions even though I might have more to say about some of these pictures.  But this way, you get to see something at least.  I still have more pix, but again, no time right now; maybe I'll get to it before I leave and maybe I won't.

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DucKon report, part 3

Argh, I meant to include these pix in the previous post, but I didn't have them in the pile.  Sorry to clutter up your friends page, but I don't want people who looked at the last post right away to miss these birdie pix, because they're cool.

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The birds in this post and the previous one are ambassadors from the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri.  (I think I misidentified the organization as Wild Bird Sanctuary in my earlier post.)  Big kudos to DucKon for bringing in such a cool program.


  1. My D&D game was canceled again, at the last moment.  Sort of a blessing in disguise -- now I have a few extra hours.

  2. I stopped off at my mom's, to walk the dog and to pick up her Minnesota DeLorme atlas.  But on the highway home (after passing the last Urbana exit), I realize that I left the effin' thing at her place.  I must have put it down when I realized, on my way out the door, that I hadn't filed the DVDs I just made in my off-site backup file.

  3. I also realized, on the highway home, that I'd forgotten to stop at Meijer while I was out in west Champaign.  My routine was thrown off because the D&D game was canceled.  Of course, if I'd remembered, I would have had to fight much worse traffic and crowds than when I normally shop.

  4. I picked up the last snail mail I'll get until I get back, and there's my property tax bill.  Plus: I can stop fretting that it got lost somewhere (it should have been here before now).  Minus: the bloodsucking leeches raised my assessed value by more than 15% year-on-year.

It's a good thing I'm going on vacation.
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