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Phil's Rambling Rants

July 4th, 2006

July 4th, 2006
05:53 pm


MN trip 2: Castle Rock
I haven't forgotten about posting more about my recent trip; I've just been swamped. Here's the first bit; I hope to have a bunch more.

On Interstate 90/94, a few miles eat of where 90 and 94 split at Tomah, at exit 55, there is a rock formation called Castle Rock and an interstate wayside where you can stop and view it.  I highly recommend doing so to anyone driving along that highway, if you pass by during the day and you can spare a few minutes.  It's quite a rock.
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07:10 pm


MN trip 3: Black River State Forest
Friday morning, I stopped at a large green area on the highway map called Black River State Forest.  I was rather irked to discover that Wisconsin state parks demand $10 a day from visitors; to add insult to injury, they charge more for out of state cars than in-state (Hello?  Aren't you supposed to be encouraging tourists to visit, not making them unwelcome?)  And to add additional insult to injury, you have to pay even when there isn't a person there to take your money.  I very nearly left in disgust, but I realized that my planned route would drop me pretty much into Minneapolis, and I'd get there a lot earlier than I meant to if I didn't spend some time somewhere.  So I went ahead and paid.

With more research, I might have found a more exciting place to stop, but this was a somewhat interesting area.  It was clear-cut and farmed until the Depression, and then the forest was allowed to return.  The "State Forest" designation means that they still do logging, but hopefully more responsibly than in past years.

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