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Phil's Rambling Rants

November 26th, 2006

November 26th, 2006
07:57 pm


Chambanacon report, or, Are YOU a BANANA?
We arrived in Springfield without incident at nearly 5 PM. details of my conCollapse )

It was nice to see my Chambanacon family of course, but I feel wrung out rather than rejuvenated right now, and quite unready to face the work week.  I spent a sensible amount of time in bed both nights, but didn't wake up properly rested.  The con was too short for me to properly let go of the other problems in my life.  I assume I'd be worse off without any con, but I really need a few days of sleep now.

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08:30 pm


Windy didn't eat his regular food over the weekend, and he wasn't interested in his food today, even with some weird stuff that Robin gave me mixed in.  He seems to be better than he was on Friday, but he's still seeming weak, and if he's not willing to eat, that's really starting to say that he's not really interested in sticking around.

He is, at least, still interested in the soft food I give him his pills in, and he's licking the pan my dinner was in.  He's at least able to get himself on and off the bed.  Jim and Robin think he's got major arthritis issues, which is possible but still doesn't explain to me why he seemed to be so weak Thursday night and Friday morning he couldn't stand.

I'm watching him at this point, but I'm afraid he's about done with life.  I don't want to ask him to hang on when he's ready to go, because I don't really think things are going to get better for him.  Even if I could give him a magic pill that cured all his health problems, he's still 12.

Jim and Robin don't have any really helpful advice.  They're not actually telling me to put him down, but they're making it pretty clear that they're supporting me in doing what I need to do, not trying to convince me that I'm overreacting.

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