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Phil's Rambling Rants

December 16th, 2006

December 16th, 2006
09:59 am


Since I last posted about Windy, he pretty much stopped eating.  He wouldn't eat his dog food at all; some days I could tempt him to eat a little human food, and I was letting him have what he would eat of summer sausage (which seemed to be his favorite), turkey, or whatever I was having for dinner, because I figured not-proper-dog-food was better than eating nothing at all.  Even on his best days he was only getting a few hundred calories, and he was getting very gaunt, but he still seemed to be chipper and happy, though he was getting pretty slow this week.

Last night at 3 AM or so he wanted to go out, and he wouldn't come in.  He made some awful howling noises, and walked right past me a couple of times.  Eventually he came in and got on the bed, but for the first time since he's been sick, he seemed to be really suffering.  I tried to comfort him, and found that his pulse was racing, well over 200.

When I woke up this morning, he was dead.

For my friends worried about me:  I'm OK.  I feel sad, but not devastated.  I think it's easier to handle a natural death than euthanasia, and I've known for weeks that he was not just sick but definitely dying, so I was as ready for it as I could be.

Current Mood: sadsad

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