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Phil's Rambling Rants

January 27th, 2008

January 27th, 2008
09:12 pm


Book review: The Execution Channel
Today's book review is The Execution Channel by Ken MacLeod.

This is a near-future thriller with enough violence and explosions to appeal to Hollywood.  Unfortunately, it's a very complex and chaotic story, and it's deliberately told so that the reader can't tell what's really happening; we keep thinking we know what really happened and then realize that it was really something different.  I finished the book a few days ago, and didn't write my review immediately, and by the time I'm writing this, I can hardly remember anything except that I was confused.  I think there was supposed to be a point in the ending there, but I was too punch-drunk from the repeated changes to have gotten said point.

It was kinda fun watching it go by, but the more I try to remember and think about it, the less I like it.  5 out of 10.

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