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Phil's Rambling Rants

September 6th, 2008

September 6th, 2008
08:54 pm


Lake Mingo walk
My plan for today was to walk the Lake Mingo trail with the flowers-n-bugs lens and the tripod, and to make sure I actually stopped and used the darn tripod.  I actually got to Kennekuk about 10:45.  I spent so much time stopped (between shooting pictures and stops to eat and read) that I was only about halfway around by about 3:30, at which point I picked up the pace quite a bit, making better exercise.  We finally had rain a couple of days ago, so I was slightly worried about mud, but only the muddiest places were even slightly squishy and it was never hazardous.

Very few birds were in evidence.  Insects for looking at and photographing were reasonably abundant.  Insects going for my blood were, happily, not.  I got quite close to a deer.

I uploaded the memory card, covering from the end of my South Carolina trip through today, and just to surprise everyone, I actually have a couple of pictures.  These are resized to post but not cropped or enhanced, just the first 3 shots I thought were worth sharing.

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The flowers, in order of appearance, are goldenrod, ironweed, and bull thistle.  The butterfly is a yellow sulfur.  If you want to know what the other insects are, find an entomologist.

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09:32 pm


More pictures
Uploading the previous batch was fairly painless, so I decided that I'd do a few more.  I was going to add them to the previous post as an edit, but while my LJ client will let me edit a previous post it won't let me do it with the full edit window which has the magic button to add an image.  And it's too much of a pain to enter the images without the magic button, so you get spammed with a second post instead.

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