October 14th, 2008

Life's little mysteries

Last night as I was stumbling into the house with my groceries, I found a tiger whisker on one of the door mats.  Now, I have a pretty good collection of whiskers, but I generally keep them in a safe place, because they're a personal treasure.  There are a few that I have in more exposed places, but none of those seem to be missing.  It's definitely not the one I found on Sunday; that one was almost half black and this one only has a little black.  As entertaining as it might be to speculate that a tiger came to visit while I was out and left it as a calling card, I think that's significantly less likely than being rescued from deep space 29 seconds after the Vogons space me.  It's pretty certain that it's one I brought home earlier, but I can't fathom how it got there.

We sneer at your pathetic DEET!

I went to Homer Lake today, armed with my trusty 75-300 lens and a plan to hike around the lake.  If I had stopped to listen before I left the house, I probably would have been able to hear the whine of the mosquito hordes from 10 miles away.  Luckily for you, dear viewers, I neglected that step, and more surprisingly, I was able to drag my shriveled blood drained carcass out of the Salt Fork bottomlands to bring you these pictures.

We may have our first frost this weekend.  Even if we don't, it will freeze soon, and the butterflies will be gone until next year, so today's post is dedicated to the insects I love.  Not so much to those that love me.  (Mmm, tastes like chicken!)

Some sort of fritillary.

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