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Phil's Rambling Rants

November 21st, 2008

November 21st, 2008
09:05 pm


Book review: Gentleman Takes a Chance
Today's book review is Gentleman Takes a Chance by Sarah A. Hoyt.

This is the sequel to Draw One in the Dark.  The situation from the earlier book is somewhat explained but it would make more sense to read Draw One first.

I really want to like this book.  I have a lot of affection for the main characters.  I want them to be my friends; I want to spend time with them.  But the plot in this book makes it tough.  Even in a book about dragons and were-panthers, there needs to be a level of verisimilitude about the mundane world that's just missing.  Stuff seems to just happen because it's the next place the plot is supposed to go, and too many characters do too many things that are just too dumb to swallow.  And the next to the last thing that happens in the book leaves a mess that can't possibly go unnoticed, but somehow the last thing is a couple of weeks later and hell doesn't seem to have broken loose.  I can't say I didn't enjoy it -- I love the characters -- but it was terribly frustrating.  Skip this one unless you really loved the first book.

6 out of 10.

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