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Phil's Rambling Rants

January 19th, 2009

January 19th, 2009
09:44 pm


Book review: Off Armageddon Reef
Tonight's book review is Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber.

This is the first book in a new series, introducing a new world.  It ends at a reasonable stopping point in a story that clearly continues.

The starting premise of this book is a rather unpleasant one, and the central character is someone I can't truly believe in.  A short book's worth of plot, much of which is inevitable, is stretched into a very long book, in part due to many meticulously described battles.  From that, you might expect that I hated the book, but I can't say that; it is clearly written by the same David Weber that brought us the Honor Harrington books, and it's fun to read despite the flaws.  It is, however, definitely too long, and not quite as compelling as the Honorverse.

7 out of 10.

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