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Phil's Rambling Rants

February 14th, 2010

February 14th, 2010
08:40 pm


Oh the irony
I couldn't buy some books I want at the con, because the dealer who would have them wasn't there, so I decided I'd try looking into ordering them on line.  And I'd try looking at Powell's because I hear they are less evil than Amazon.  And because I'm not sure of the web site (I suspect it's probably powells.com but I don't know) so I start with Google.  I enter "powells books" into my search box.  And the first entry in the real search results is in fact Powell's Books, and it is powells.com, but before my Google page disappears, I can't avoid looking at the ad on the right side.  Which is exhorting me
to "buy powells books at Amazon, free shipping on orders over $25".

I need a new irony meter, this one's toast.


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10:48 pm


I've just gotten home from Capricon.  In very brief, I came in so depressed that I was probably lousy company for a lot of the weekend and it took me a long time to start to get over it.  I felt cranky a lot of the time, because some things weren't perfect for me.  But by the end of the con, in spite of it all, I was alive the way I haven't been for weeks.  It was good, and definitely over too soon.

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