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Phil's Rambling Rants

April 7th, 2010

April 7th, 2010
12:28 pm


A little while ago I was looking through my stuff and I discovered that I have some extra EFRC 2010 calendars.  (I thought I had enough, last fall, and then I couldn't find them, and I bought some more.  Three months later, they were in the bag they should have been in all along.  Damn gremlins.)  If you'd like to get one at FKO or somewhere else we'll both be, say so.

(janeg, I have one for you.  I had one for you at OVFF, and it's my fault, not Howard's, that it didn't get to him.)

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01:29 pm


Book review: Starship: Flagship
I'm getting farther behind, so I'm going to knock out a few of these.

First for today is Starship: Flagship by Mike Resnick.

This completes the Starship series.  At least, I assume it does; it didn't say so officially, but it seems pretty done.  It won't make too much sense without having read the previous books.

This is of a piece with the rest of the series.  Our conflicted hero wrestles with a moral issue that's been big in the news lately, and doesn't come off very well in my own opinion.  Then, as he's heading toward another troubling conundrum, we get a surprise resolution to the whole series out of left field.  On the one hand it's a fun place for the story to go; on the other hand, it would have been more compelling if it could have concluded without the deus ex machina.  It is still Resnick's fast-paced, lighthearted, and mostly believable writing, but it didn't click for me as fully as usual.  I suspect some of the fault is the mood I'm in.

6 out of 10.

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01:42 pm


Book review: On the Prowl
Next is On the Prowl, four unconnected novellas by Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen Chance, and Sunny.

I bought this because it is the starting point of Briggs' Alpha and Omega series, and I figured I should read it before reading the novels that follow it.  Actually, Briggs is good enough at making books, even in a series, stand on their own that I think Cry Wolf would be fine without reading "Alpha and Omega", but "Alpha and Omega" is excellent.  It's the Mercy Thompson universe, but with a new thing added that is interesting and appealing.

Eileen Wilks' "Inhuman" also turned out to be interesting, very engaging, and make me interested in reading the novels that are in the series with it.

Karen Chance's "Buying Trouble" is entertaining but pretty much just some fast-paced exploits, without much depth (even by the standards of light escapist fantasy).

Sunny's "Mona Lisa Betwining" is less straightforward, a bit darker and more confusing, some interesting stuff, but not really grabbing me.

8 out of 10 overall; the Briggs is the best.

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03:24 pm


Book review: Changing the World
Next on the stack is Changing the World, edited by Mercedes Lackey.

This is the latest Valdemar anthology.  The stories are all pretty good, and mostly fit well into Valdemar as I know it.  Solid, but nothing deeply earthshaking; much as I would expect from having read earlier anthologies in the series.

7 out of 10.

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