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Phil's Rambling Rants

May 11th, 2010

May 11th, 2010
11:46 pm


Musings about intellectual property
Several discussions have come up lately on various issues about intellectual property, stirring up the thoughts in my head.  I've been hoping for some time to square up my own personal ethical position with respect to intellectual property rights so that I can guide my own actions appropriately.  And right now, I'm inspired to muse a bit and see if I've come up with anything.

One of the major tangles of issues is the great ebook debate, most recently refreshed in my mind by Seanan's post about ARCs, which references Scalzi's rant about one form of eARCs, where the comments range over most of the issues of the whole ebook debate.  Oh, and I'd nearly forgotten, but there was some general fuel for the fire in looking at some buzz about the soon to be available Kobo ereader, which will apparently be available for the revolutionary low price of $150.  I'm not hugely interested in the special issues of advance copies, but I am intensely interested in the general issue of distributing and paying for books.

The other big tangle is the question of derivative works.  My thoughts in this area, many of which are angry, were refreshed by a chat with my neighbor where we mutually ranted about how Monsanto abuses their patents by suing anyone who isn't buying their seed; a discussion in the filk community about licensing filks of commercial recordings; and some re-hashing of the question of fan fiction.

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