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Phil's Rambling Rants

July 26th, 2010

July 26th, 2010
02:44 pm


Book review: First Lord's Fury
Today's book review is First Lord's Fury by Jim Butcher.

This is the sixth and (presumably) final book in the Codex Alera series.  They definitely need to be read in order, starting with Furies of Calderon.

A few weeks ago, I was a bad boy and bought a couple of books in hardcover instead of waiting for them to come out in paperback, after Larry informed me that their paperback release dates were later than I'd somehow become convinced they were.  This was one, and perhaps my experience with reading it is the punishment I earned.  The story arc had been so firmly established that where we'd eventually end up was obvious and inevitable.  The process of getting there, though, had so much chaos and blood that I just didn't get into the story the way I did into the earlier books.  I don't think it's really very different in feel from the others.  There's always been so much going on that I could only barely hang onto the sense of it, but I came out of the the earlier volumes with a rush of "wow, what a ride" even though I felt like I missed a fair bit as it whizzed by.  Somehow this one went over the tipping point and just overwhelmed me, leaving exhausted and feeling much more nearly "thank God it's over".  Really, there was a lot more to this story than the battles, and some of it would be worth chewing on.  But for me, at least this particular week, there was just too much blood and exploding, and the stuff I really wanted to read was just squeezed into the cracks.

6 out of 10.

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