January 29th, 2012

Crazy gaming weekend (still in progress)

This weekend (thanks to time falling down on its job of keeping everything from happening at once) is both the prerelease for the next set of Magic and Winter War, the local gaming convention.  Friday I was at the con.  Nobody signed up for the Dominion game I was running; we ended up with some pickup games.  Then I played some mixed board games in the Small Game Grab event.  These included Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, which was amusing but frustrating.  I thought I was doing really badly and that my hidden identity/secret goal was bad -- and then I stumbled into victory.  We played a couple of rounds of a silly game of giant monsters trashing Tokyo, which is designed by Richard Garfield but I can't remember the name, and then a sort of dice puzzle game called To Court the King.  Then Saturday, I headed over to Armored Gopher for the Magic event.  I didn't get anything exciting in my packs, and when I had my deck built, I figured I had crap and estimated I'd end up 2-4.  Then I actually went 4-2, 6th place overall out of 36, and I got a good door prize too (Graveborn premium deck, $34.95 price tag).  And then back to the con for my other Dominion event; this time some people signed up.  In the last game we played, I achieved the most epic turn I can recall having in a game of Dominion.  Helped along by 4 Council Rooms from other players, I used a combination of Peddlers, Villages, and Moats to draw all the cards in my deck that I cared about, and then played King's Court on King's Court, tripling 2 Monuments and a Goons.  All told, I had 29 coins to spend over 5 buys, which were 2 Colonies, and because it was the end of the game (because they were locking the room, we'd agreed this was the last round of play), I also bought a Duchy and an Estate.  I didn't realize until I was coming home that I should have also taken a Copper for 0, so I only got 34 points for the turn when I should have had 35.