Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Welcome to Hell.  Here's your snow shovel.

In Hell it's Valentine's Day every day, the day when the world laughs at the pain you feel in being alone.  In Hell the job that you have to have tantalizes you with enough vacation time to imagine being able to do something really wonderful, and then forces you to waste your vacation days on days you can't get to work because the roads are impassable.

There's roughly a foot of snow around here, but the blizzard winds have piled it much deeper in some places, and packed it down so that instead of being nice and fluffy it's almost solid enough to walk on top, and much harder to move.  I did take the camera out and take some pictures of the snow sculptures; we'll eventually see how they look.  I need to get back to shoveling so that I have some hope of getting my car out, assuming that the lane ever gets plowed.  My neighbors report that someone is supposed to be by with a backhoe, and at least for the drift at the end of the lane it will be needed.

And just to make me feel extra special, they're saying we're going to get ANOTHER storm over the weekend, which may mean I won't be able to get to my tigers on Sunday.
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