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Phil's Rambling Rants

August 8th, 2015

August 8th, 2015
09:10 pm


MTG: Abzan at Game Day
I wasn't particularly happy with my deck at last weeks FNM. I made a couple of incremental changes before FNM last night (and I'll try to reconstruct what the deck was for that), and then I made a couple more changes this morning, including adding a couple more copies of Dromoka's Command that I just picked up. I went 3-2 overall, which ended up I think 5th out of 20 players, which got my into the critical top 8 so I won a full art Languish.

deck and detailsCollapse )

Overall, I think this is a decent midrange deck. I'm nervous against Goblins, but I think I'm favored enough post-board to be OK. I think mostly-goblins is a better deck than the non-goblins mono-red aggro. I have not played against thopters, but I've seen some board states and it frightens me. I'll probably keep playing this deck when Standard fires until rotation, because any other cool deck will probably require a lot of expensive things. And now I have my Dromoka's Commands, which I think I'll be leaning on after rotation.

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