September 27th, 2015

BFZ prerelease: Oops I did it again

Another Magic set is coming out, and the prerelease was this weekend. I did the two daytime ones at Armored Gopher. Saturday, I ended up running a white/green/blue deck featuring Emeria Shepherd and Kiora. It was kinda mediocre. After round 2, I decided that I would have been better off with black than white, because the Shepherd is a bomb but I only had a couple of other white cards worth running. But my opponents played too slowly, so I never had 10 minutes to do that level of surgery on it. I ended up just barely above 50%, got 1 pack, and two Russian Dragon's Maze packs as my door prize. Today, I thought my pool was fantastic. I had two Emeria Shepherds and several white removal spells, so I was definitely playing white. I got Ob Nixilis Reignited, so my first impulse was to play black, but as I built it I realized that I didn't have any cheap black creatures and my deck was just going to be too slow, so I went with red and white instead, getting to run my Resolute Blademaster with several allies. And my curse kicked in -- I thought I had a great deck, so I got mana screwed for my first two matches. I won, drew, and won, but my tiebreaks were dreadful with the two initial losses and I finished 1 place out of packs. Then I pulled my door prize, and hit the jackpot with the Zendikar Expeditions Flooded Strand -- a $300 card.