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Discussion on beige_alert's LJ makes a thought bubble up in my… - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
June 11th, 2004
02:08 pm


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Discussion on beige_alert's LJ makes a thought bubble up in my head.

Champaign doesn't have enough filkers to support a housefilk, but there are a reasonable number of fannish people. It really shouldn't be necessary for me to go to a con to see them, or to wait until a con comes along to have the chance to interact with someone who has something more interesting to talk about than sports. But aside from the couple who show up at the weekly bridge game at my mom's place, that seems to be where my social life is.

This is dumb.

If there is some kind of regular or even frequent irregular get-together of people I know, for dinner or a party or to go to a movie or just to talk or whatever, please tell me about it. If there isn't, then we should fix that.

As far as I know, most of the people I want to reach with this message aren't on LJ, and if they are they probably don't read my journal, so I'll be trying to reach them by email.

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Date:June 11th, 2004 12:23 pm (UTC)

Re: lack of focus in community

This is Holly.

Champaign does in fact, have a ton of fannish and somewhat fannish folks.

What we lack is a sort of a focal point or focal person to rally round. For example, the vast majority of the folks that go to Thanksgiving in May are fannish and local, but I never see them anywhere but there. And there are more fannish/local people that I don't see there, for that matter.

I would think something as simple as a mailing list of local fannish types and the occasional mildly planned outting ("How many people want to join me at X on Sunday for dinner?" or "I'm going to see (movie) at 11:30 Sunday at the Savoy, anyone who wants to join me is welcome. We'll catch lunch after.") would probably work wonders.

There just hasn't been anyone doing that sort of thing. Like anything else involving fans, someone has to herd the cats.
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