Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


(being another in my occasional series of apple reviews)

I've seen this varietal on offer at local stores a few times, but always at a super-premium price. Last week Meijer had them for no more than Pink Ladies (and $1/lb. less than I recall seeing them before), so I bought one.

Visual: a very pretty apple, variegated between a bright scarlet red and a slightly greenish yellow. Slighty elongated in shape, tending a little bit to a point at the bottom.

Texture: very crisp, bordering on tough, with a fairly thick skin. Mostly satisfying -- certainly no hint of mealyness or mushyness -- but just a little bit too crunchy.

Flavor: pleasantly tart, with some sweetness, but short on any more specific flavor than sweet and tart, so it came off as a little bland. A decent apple, but not a great one.
Tags: apples, food
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