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As the house crumbles - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
February 25th, 2007
09:19 pm


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As the house crumbles
One other thing of note today; when I got home, fortunately as it turns out with an hour of daylight to go, I saw that a big chunk of fascia from my garage was dangling down.  Having a little time and daylight, I dragged out the ladder and nailed it back up, but really, the whole front edge of the garage needs to be rebuilt properly.  The fascia boards are rotted, the metal soffit plates have mostly fallen out, the gutters came off a while back.  Unfortunately, really fixing it is well beyond anything I've ever done on my own; I need to find someone who will work on it for me.  Just another thing that I can't possibly fit into my schedule, and that I won't have the money to deal with for years at the rate I'm going.  But I really didn't mean to be whining in this post, the reason I posted it was the feeling of satisfaction that I got for actually getting my ass up on the ladder and doing the level of patch that I could do right now with the tools, materials, and knowledge I actually have.

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