Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Small progress

The main overhead light in my bedroom hasn't worked for a couple of years.  On Thursday, while shopping, I picked up a replacement socket.  This afternoon, I spent something like half an hour trying to figure out which circuit breaker I needed to turn off, but once I eventually got the right one (it was labeled as being for a different room), I was able to disassemble the fixture, pop out the shorted socket, pop in the replacement, and put it back together.  The new socket is a teeny bit longer than the old one, and a 13 watt compact fluorescent bulb only just barely fit inside the cover glass; with the new one I can't put the cover on, so I just have a bare bulb until I can find someone who'll sell me slightly larger covers that fit my fixtures.  But I have a light in my bedroom.  And even though I've been blowing off stuff I need to be doing all day, I now have a small feeling of accomplishment to feel good about.

(CF bulbs are great, but they have two failings that nobody seems to be willing to acknowledge.  One is that they're not actually as bright as they claim; when a 60 watt incandescent was just barely adequate, a 13 watt CF is too dim.  But the bigger failing is that CFs are bigger than the incandescents they replace.  When they first came out they were a whole lot bigger and never fit; now they're only a little bigger, but it's still enough that they don't fit in a lot of fixtures.)
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