Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Personal Watermelon

A few weeks ago, I encountered a recommendation for a "personal watermelon". I'm pretty sure it was in cadhla's journal, but I just might be confused. Anyway, I was grocery shopping earlier today, and they had a display of canteloupe-sized green spheres labeled "Pureheart Seedless Watermelon", with a sign that referred to them as "personal watermelons". $4 seemed pretty expensive, but I remembered the recommendation, and on a whim, I bought one.

When I cut it open, I was disconcerted to see that the "seedless" claim was somewhat exaggerated -- while there were no full-blown hard black seeds, there were small white seeds. But these seeds turn out to be soft enough to eat without really noticing them, and it's probably the tastiest watermelon I've ever had.

Yum. Thanks for the recommendation!
Tags: food, life
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