Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Sushi in Toronto

Do any of my Canadian friends (or other frequent FKO attendees) know anything about any sushi places that are (a) good, (b) reasonably priced (I'm not expecting sushi to be cheap, but reasonable for what I get), and (c) not too painful to get to from the FKO hotel?  I have a car and I'm willing to drive even a fair distance, but I'd like an understandable route and sane parking at the other end.

(This is about a possible plan for a private expedition; since the person I promised to go for sushi with if the opportunity came up with expressed a strong preference against a dinner party of the sort in billroper's song (and I quite agree), I'm not recruiting; I'm just seeking information on what a good place to go would be, if the plan comes together.)
Tags: questions
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