Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

EFRC update

After a hiatus for two back-to-back cons, I got back to my normal schedule of going to EFRC on Sunday morning today.

As has been the case frequently lately, there were plenty of people working, so there wasn't a huge amount of actual work for me to do. I held a hose for 20 minutes or so to fill a water tank, and I spent 15 minutes scrubbing another one. I fetched a hammer. I coaxed a couple of tigers who were being a bit uncooperative to move. And I stuffed inserts into a stack of 50 or so of the newsletters that we give to people who go on tours. But on the whole, I didn't do a whole lot.

I did, however, show some new pictures, including one that Jean said she was interested in using for the calendar -- and the calendar is getting put together *this week*, so if the picture, which does look great as a 4x6 snapshot, still looks good at 8.5x11, I will email it off. I might get 2 or 3 pictures into next year's calendar, which would really swell my head.

While I was off going to cons, EFRC people were busy helping with rescuing the cats from a facility in Ohio which was shut down by local authorities. Something like a dozen lions and tigers were going to another facility, but a pair of leopards and a lynx were coming to EFRC. One of the leopards may be pregnant, so there might be babies again in a few weeks.

The major event of the day was that around 3:00 it started raining. I was walking through the compound taking pictures when it started with a few drops. I immediately pulled out the gallon size ziploc bag I had in my belt pouch and put both cameras into it. I'm glad I had that bag, because within a few minutes it was pouring, and my cameras would have been soaked without it. The rain did provide some amusement: several lions with their manes soggy looking very silly, and the group of nine young tigers cavorting in the huge puddle that formed in their cage. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of either of these -- by the time I thought it was safe to take the camera out, the lions' manes had mostly dried, and the tigers were spashing so much mud around that I couldn't take a camera near them.
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