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EFRC update - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
June 13th, 2004
08:00 pm


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EFRC update
After a hiatus for two back-to-back cons, I got back to my normal schedule of going to EFRC on Sunday morning today.

As has been the case frequently lately, there were plenty of people working, so there wasn't a huge amount of actual work for me to do. I held a hose for 20 minutes or so to fill a water tank, and I spent 15 minutes scrubbing another one. I fetched a hammer. I coaxed a couple of tigers who were being a bit uncooperative to move. And I stuffed inserts into a stack of 50 or so of the newsletters that we give to people who go on tours. But on the whole, I didn't do a whole lot.

I did, however, show some new pictures, including one that Jean said she was interested in using for the calendar -- and the calendar is getting put together *this week*, so if the picture, which does look great as a 4x6 snapshot, still looks good at 8.5x11, I will email it off. I might get 2 or 3 pictures into next year's calendar, which would really swell my head.

While I was off going to cons, EFRC people were busy helping with rescuing the cats from a facility in Ohio which was shut down by local authorities. Something like a dozen lions and tigers were going to another facility, but a pair of leopards and a lynx were coming to EFRC. One of the leopards may be pregnant, so there might be babies again in a few weeks.

The major event of the day was that around 3:00 it started raining. I was walking through the compound taking pictures when it started with a few drops. I immediately pulled out the gallon size ziploc bag I had in my belt pouch and put both cameras into it. I'm glad I had that bag, because within a few minutes it was pouring, and my cameras would have been soaked without it. The rain did provide some amusement: several lions with their manes soggy looking very silly, and the group of nine young tigers cavorting in the huge puddle that formed in their cage. Sadly, I didn't get pictures of either of these -- by the time I thought it was safe to take the camera out, the lions' manes had mostly dried, and the tigers were spashing so much mud around that I couldn't take a camera near them.

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Date:June 13th, 2004 06:38 pm (UTC)
That sounds quite delightful. I imagine it must be heartening to see tigers whose futures were uncertain at some point just having the time of their lives now.I know I find that when someone brings a rescued dog to the dog park.
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Date:June 14th, 2004 10:50 am (UTC)
EFRC is committed to providing its animals with homes for life, so the babies' future is only uncertain to the extent that the center's itself is. Of course, the center's future isn't as secure as it deserves to be. The budget shoestring is always pretty frayed, and the political climate in the country isn't good. But it's definitely a better place for a captive tiger to be than where most of them are.

There is nothing more entertaining to watch in the world than a bunch of frisky baby tigers.
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