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Kickapoo and Fried Chicken

Since my usual Monday night bridge game was canceled, I decided to enjoy what was left of a gorgeous spring day after work.  I stopped at home to grab my camera and headed off to Kickapoo, where I walked on the trail by High Pond.  I had the area completely to myself, which I wouldn't have on a weekend, even choosing a relatively out of the way place to walk.  I saw a little snake and a pair of hawks, probably Cooper's but I'm terrible at hawk identification.  Then I stopped by Heron Park briefly, where the most unusual thing I saw was a pair of coots standing on dry land on one of the hummocks in the marsh.  It's amazing how much more at peace I feel with the universe with just a few minutes in a (relatively) natural space without other humans.

Back on Saturday night I'd developed a fried chicken jones that I was unable to satisfy because the car went to Cracker Barrel.  (Where does a place that claims to be country cookin' get off not having fried chicken on the menu, I have to wonder.)  So I went east from Heron Park, made my way through Danville to KFC, and had me some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and three kinds of veggies.  KFC is comfort food for me even when I'm not specifically craving fried chicken, and it really hit the spot.

Now if I go to bed *now*, and I actually *sleep*, maybe I'll be able to be less of a zombie tomorrow at work than I was today.
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