Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Travel to MN

Last summer, I combined attending chirosinger and musicmutt's wedding with a few days on the glorious North Shore.  I had to return to Illinois to start my new job.  I really didn't want to leave, so I consoled myself with a promise that I would return before the full-year Minnesota state park pass I bought expired.

So now I'm planning the return trip I promised myself.  The time that seems to make most sense for me is the week before Memorial Day.  I want to leave Illinois Sunday May 20 and return Saturday May 26.  My thinking is that this is early enough for things to be a little more spring than summer, but before Memorial Day I'm guessing things will be a little less crowded.  I'm hoping that my friends in Minnesota can either confirm this thinking or tell me that I'm crazy.  (I'm only planning on spending mid-week nights along the shore.  I'm assuming that motels will be open but not so busy that I need to make reservations.)

Also, since I expect to be passing through the Twin Cities and optionally passing through Des Moines on the way there and the way back, I'm hoping to have a chance to see some folks in person.  If you're in one of those places (or another place along a rational route between Champaign and Duluth) and would be interested in seeing me, chime in.  I'm tentatively thinking of going up through Wisconsin, getting to the Twin Cities late Sunday night if anyone cares, being in the Twin Cities Monday (possibly Monday night in Duluth), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights on the shore, Friday night in Des Moines, and coming home Saturday.  (I can't be terribly late Saturday, since I will be going to EFRC on Sunday.)  I can rearrange the up and back parts as makes sense.  Unfortunately, partying on Friday night in the Twin Cities doesn't qualify as making sense, but I could visit Des Moines on the way up, have dinner (just dinner) Friday in the Twin Cities before spending the night somewhere around Eau Claire or Tomah.
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