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Phil's Rambling Rants
May 3rd, 2007
05:16 pm


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Expensive toys
I mentioned this in passing in my last post, but I'll say a little more about it. On Monday, birder2 was talking about a Zeiss spotting scope with a camera built in. I looked it up on the Zeiss website, and it's actually a dedicated eyepiece with a built in 4 MP camera. It's fairly large and clearly attached to, rather than part of the scope (leaves me wondering about how the thing balances, since the tripod mount point assumes a normal eyepiece).

Based on what I can tell from the web site, I really would like to have one. Though I would like to understand how they pull off splitting the light between the camera and the optical eyepiece without a flipping mirror and still get a good amount of light to both.

Unfortunately, my googling shows that the scope is about $1500 and the camera is another $2000. Which is a good bit more than I can talk myself into right now. It looks like a great product, though.

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