Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

So, does this thing work?

I haven't been able to post a real entry to my LJ for about a week.  They've now posted status announcements that everything is fine (no specific mention of the vaguely described problem that kept some of us from actually using the service, no explicit statement that they fixed it, but they no longer mention it anywhere).  So I'm going to ramble a bit until this gets to be long enough that I know it would have been bonged when I last tried to post.

I wonder if they'll issue service credits to us paid subscribers who couldn't use the service.  I wonder why they won't publish any meaningful explanation of what the problem is.  I'd like them to clarify whether this is really something they did to me, or if it's yet another example of my ISP doing something wrong that sort of works most of the time.
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