Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Looking for possibilities

I don't want to go into details in a public entry, but after a tragedy, I've been forced to give up my dog and I no longer feel at home in my house.

I am not sanguine about my chances of finding a job that would let me move to a happier place, but I have a much better chance of finding something if I actually look than if I just whimper.  So, with this note, I am officially extending tentative feelers toward finding a job closer to EFRC.  (Actually working at EFRC isn't realistic, but if I were closer I could spend more time there.)  Closer in this instance would be Terre Haute, Bloomington (IN), Indianapolis, or somewhere in that general area.  If you have any connections to a good job in west central Indiana, or good useful advice on getting a job in the area, let me know.  For me, what makes a job good is a flexible schedule and a lot of vacation time much more than a high salary.  Of course, work that I am able to do and can stand doing would be important.  I've never held any paying job other than software development, but I'd be willing, even eager, to move to another line of work if I could find the right sort of opportunity.  Creative suggestions are welcome, as long as they'd come with real health benefits and a professional salary.

It's scary even thinking about this, but I don't see a happy future if I just sit here.
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