Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Preparing for Duck... Gah!

So I've spent a big chunk of the day supposedly trying to find and prepare new images, and nothing has clicked.  At least I got one new one printed, and made another copy of the one that sold at Cap.  (That Cap never paid me for.  I missed getting my check in person, and it never showed up in the mail.  Unless my evil twin collected my mail that day and ate it, or I put it somewhere extra clever and then the brain spiders ate all memory of it.  But I've actually cleared through a fair bit of the mess in my office in the past few days and it didn't appear.)

So I've been flailing around trying to get the images I have into frames that aren't cracked.  These Format document frames are cheap and simple, but they suck.  You put them in your satchel and take them to a con and by the time you get there the plastic is cracked and the glass wants to fall out.  Which Melissa told me was bad at Cap, so I checked them, and out of 10 existing frames I think 5 were bad.  I don't have enough frames for 12 pieces, so screw it, you're going to get eight tigers in the show and nothing else.  And then I finally get around to opening the art show forms Melissa emailed me, so I could actually have my control sheet filled out ahead of time like I was competent or something.  Only it's a .DOC file.  I do not open .DOC files I get through email with Word.  I only open them with WordPad, for security reasons.  And when I try to open these with WordPad, it crashes.

So I give up.

I hope everyone else's prep is going better.  I hope nothing explodes tomorrow so I can get there in time to get the stuff in the show, eat, and maybe get to opening ceremonies.  Definitely the concert.  I'm sure it will be a great weekend.  It always is.  But right now I'm pretty burned out and frustrated and pissy about getting ready.

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to grouse that I haven't done anything about camera cases for my new kit. The 20D body with the battery grip does not fit in the small camera case. I haven't redone the foam in the big case, and I don't want to carry it to a con where I have no intention of using the big lens or the other body. So my camera isn't in a proper case for the weekend. Blrg.
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