Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

My afternoon

After sitting around and vegetating for a while (at least I got some laundry put away), I drove to Champaign to visit Meg.  Nobody answered when I knocked, there weren't any dogs in the yard, and one of the cars was gone, so I decided to do as Robin has told me to more than once and let Meg out of the run she's in and play with her in the yard.  I left the gate to the yard open and opened up the run, where Meg and Tetlin, the older boy that she's kenneled with, both jumped out eagerly and got away from me.  I turned around and discovered that there was another dog in the front yard!  Fortunately, I was able to round up Meg and Tetlin, put them back in the run, put the other girl in the yard, and close the door.  Then I found Jim, who'd been napping and had let Doris out at just the time I let the two out of their run.  Doris went back inside, and Meg and Tetlin went into the yard.  Meg was affectionate, but not clingy; after an initial greeting, I had to call her to get her to come for a cuddle.  She doesn't seem to miss me as much as I miss her.  It was hot enough that after a few minutes, the dogs were asking to be let into the house, so I let them back into their run and talked to Jim for a while.

After that, I allowed myself a bit of an indulgence and stopped at KFC for an early dinner, which I took with me to Kickapoo.  I found a quiet spot, ate my KFC, and read a book for an hour.  Then I hiked the Riverview Trail (which has a sign that says 2.5 miles at the trailhead, but it also has mileposts every quarter mile along the trail, and the highest one is 1.75 pretty close to the end of the loop.  I didn't have a camera, so I actually moving almost all the time, and finished the loop in roughly an hour.

Toward the end of the loop, a bunch of litter at an overlook on the river caused me to ponder whether inconsiderate assholishness is the state of nature or if it's some defect in American culture that makes people litter.  I picked it up.  And, perhaps inspired by the fact that the book I'm reading is Charlie Stross' Accelerando, I further contemplated how the coming nanotechnology revolution might be harnessed to create robots which would pick up litter, analyze it for DNA traces, track down the people with that DNA, and insert the litter into bodily orifices of the offenders.
Tags: dogs, kickapoo, life, nature, society
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