Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Impermanence and Toads

I ducked over to Kickapoo after work and walked along the trail that leads south from No. 6 Pond to the old railway line.  There are a number of remnants of buildings and other works.  It made me wonder what had been there before and how long it had been abandoned.  It put me in mind of the discussion I had with TC last week: if humanity disappeared tomorrow, what signs might a cockroach-descended archaeologist find of our presence 65 million years from now?

I also had an interesting nature experience.  As I walked along the old railway bed toward the bridge, I saw a very small toad (or frog; I don't actually know how one tells).  A couple of steps farther, I saw another.  And suddenly, the ground all around was hopping with them -- thousands of tiny toads, about half an inch long.  Could they have hatched out already from the rain yesterday?  Will they be gone tomorrow?  I'm not likely to find out; I'll probably next visit the area weeks from now at the soonest.  Too many places, not enough hours.
Tags: kickapoo, life, nature, philosophy
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