Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Making plans to have some fun

Nobody would admit to planning to attend InConJunction, but I need a con, so I decided to go anyway.  I tried to get a room at the last minute, and the website wouldn't give me a room at the con rate, but with some emails to the con staff and a really long time waiting for the web site to book a room at the non-con rate so I had a reservation to fix, I have a room.  According to the web site, at least there's lots of great food in the area.  Hopefully there'll be people I know who'll join me in eating some of it.

I've been a very bad boy and not been practicing guitar lately.  I played a while this evening, and my fingers are so sore.  Combining this and the first paragraph, I feel doomed.  But I was actually pretty successful at trying to actually play Girl That's Never Been and sing it for myself rather than along with the record.  Thanks, chirosinger, for showing me the chords.  I still want to stalk you for the weird inversions you play, but it does work with first position chords.  And just three of them.  Who'da thunk it?

On another musical note, I'll be attending alymid's song circle on Aug. 3.  This means (a) I need someplace to sleep Friday night, and (b) I'm available for some fun activity Saturday.  There was discussion on the GT list as to there being several really good ethnic restaurants around Clark&Belmont, and I was looking at the map and thinking that it's only a little way down Clark to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Zoos sometimes bother me, but they do draw me also.  If lunch (recommendations were offered for Ethiopian, Thai, and Indian) and an afternoon at the zoo sounds like fun, sound off.  I'm not likely to brave the crowds all by myself.
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