Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Homer Lake walk

I finally made it through the fog of general inertia, thickened by depression, and got out of the house a bit after 3.  I drove to birder2's, where I picked up the Nokia 770 I bought by impulse from this week.  (Months ago, I'd looked at the product and thought it was cool, but it cost way more than I was willing to pay.)  Then I turned around and headed to Homer Lake on back roads.  I didn't bring my camera, because I just wanted a chance to exercise, think, and maybe find some peace.

There were only a couple of places where I ran into mud, despite the fact that we have had some rain this week.  I enjoyed butterflies and birds, and had a pretty good walk, until I got back into the treeless area in the northwest corner of the park, when my right hip started to complain that it was being abused.  Fortunately, I made it back to my car without the pain keeping me from walking, and by the time I got home, it didn't hurt when I got out of the car.
Tags: homer lake, life, nature, walks
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