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EFRC: Uneventful but productive day

It was a good day yesterday at EFRC.

I got up a little before my alarm and managed to get into the car just after my goal of 8:00. I walked in the gate about 9:50, and immediately got to watch the gate while the person who was there took a tour. This was one of several new people whose names I don't know, either because I forgot them or never heard them. I have a terrible memory for people's names.

The chores of the day were uneventful for the most part. I put vitamins on food. I pushed wheelbarrows full of food. I filled water buckets. I helped clean Tigger Boy's big water tank. This is a big chore because the drain plug in the tank is stuck, so we have to bail the water out with a bucket, which meant splashing rather nasty water around, because his tank had gone a bit too long before cleaning. I took a wheelbarrow of compost back to the compost pile and dumped and spread it. And so on. Normal tasks, but I was busy doing them almost all the time from 10 to 4.

Fortunately, it was unusually cool for the season; although it certainly felt warmer than the forecast high in the mid-70's, it was much more bearable than if it had been 85 or worse. I actually would have been fairly comfortable, but for my boots and gloves. I say "boots", though what I wear are Neos brand overshoes, a sort of high-tech galoshes, Gore-Tex uppers and Vibram soles, light and comfortable to wear, but not really meant for summer; and I say "gloves", though I wear black neoprene gauntlets which come well up my wrists, which I like having when I need to stick my hands into the meat barrow or something less sanitary than that, but which are very hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

The one chore that was more than routine was filling the water tank for Mau's group, standing outside the fence holding the hose. Tigers love to play with the stream from the hose, and Tigger Baby, the dominant male in this group, is extremely fond of it. It's a challenge getting the water into the tank, rather than splashed all over the place, but entertaining a tiger makes it worth the trip.
Tigger Baby in the shower

The best part was that another employee (who's new, and whose name I think is James but I'm not sure) was willing to hold the hose for a few minutes, so I was able to take some pictures with my point-and-shoot camera. I might have been able to get better pictures with the Rebel, but the danger of getting splashed might have kept me from getting close enough. I'm willing to take more risks with the old $300 camera than the (fairly) new $1500 one.

Late in the day, I went up to the house. I was able to see the newly-rescued cats that I didn't see last week because they were too stressed from their move. They are in temporary cages like this one while better cages get built; the lynx' is supposed to be ready today.

Lynx temporary cage

Here is a closeup of the lynx. (I think he does have a name, but I don't remember it either.)

Lynx closeup

While I was at the house, I also got to pick up some prints that Stephen, the 'staff' photographer had made of my images. He had also made some refrigerator magnets for me! Brumby (the baby leopard) and Polly Ann (the baby cougar) seemed to be friendly and mellow, so I got to visit them in their cage briefly, but Polly Ann was still being rougher than I was comfortable with, so I left again pretty quickly.

And the big news is that they have selected one of my photos for the calendar! Over 1000 copies of my photography will be printed to be sold for actual money in the next few weeks! Woo hoo!

All in all, it was a busy day, and it was almost 8 PM by the time I got home. I took a walk around the block, even though I was tired, because I know I'll end up less stiff for the next couple of days if I make myself walk a bit when I get home. At the end of the walk, it was just sunset. This was the view from my driveway:


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