Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Trip to Chicago

Instead of being sane and practical and spending the weekend trying to catch up on sleep and Things That Need To Be Done, I headed up to the song circle at alymid's place Friday night, where I got to enjoy a few pleasant hours of music and companionship.  Then I drove from Waukeegan to the West Side, arriving at almeda's at something like 1 AM, where I met two beagles who were cute and friendly and one canine visitor who took such a strong dislike to me that she had to be kenneled while I was around.  I'm usually quite good with animals, but every now and then I meet one who just doesn't want anything to do with me.  I did actually manage to sleep Friday night, though morning came a little too soon.  Then we had more beagles, a trip to the Oak Park farmer's market, a trip to the book sale (where I bought a few paperbacks), and a bit of food at the barbecue.  I shared my photos with the other guests, who said nice things, and got in the car only an hour later than I needed to.  It was 10:30 by the time I could get home and fall into bed, and I was feeling ghastly by then; I ended up giving myself an extra hour of sleep before going to EFRC (which I'll cover separately).

I'm very tired and behinder than ever.  But my soul is fed and life feels worth living -- exactly the way it wasn't feeling after just a shortened 3 days back at work.
Tags: friends, life, travel
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