Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Won't someone please think of the children?

I have this idea of a collage of images or concepts in popular culture that are more disgusting, obscene, and harmful to kids than any depiction of any sort of consensual sex among post-pubescent humans.  If I had more time, bandwidth, and Google-fu, I might try presenting it as a finished graphic rather than the outline of an idea, but for now, I'll offer suggestions (in text) of some of what should be included, and see if anyone feels like suggesting additional ones.
  • Torture at Abu Ghraib

  • Planes hitting the towers on 9/11

  • Fred Phelps protesting

  • PETA's "Your Mommy Kills Animals" pamphlets

  • Fox News calling itself "fair and balanced"

  • Anorexic models 

  • Hummer dealerships 

  • Million-dollar cellphones

  • Fast food ads, especially those targeting children

  • The Creation Museum

  • Mountaintop removal coal mines

  • Dogfighting

  • Trophy/sport hunting (killing animals just for fun)

  • Smoking

  • Free Speech Zones

  • CEO and sports star pay (not sure what image would convey this)

There are certainly many more, but I'm running out of steam right now.
Tags: society
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